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  1. Kazrajinn
    I didn't see all the exact comments so I'm not sure if they were from climbers who had used the clove hitch and found the lack of a shelf to be an issue, or if they were comments from armchair climbers. I mean that's good fun and it's nice to toss ideas around but the feedback is quite different. Reply
  2. Dugis
    However, no matter which method is used to tie the Clove Hitch - this on-the-bight method or a regular Clove Hitch tied with the end of a rope, it is not to be trusted in critical situations. It does have its uses such a quick and easy method to secure a rope to a post, just bear in mind it can fail under a heavy load. Reply
  3. Samur
    Define clove hitch. clove hitch synonyms, clove hitch pronunciation, clove hitch translation, English dictionary definition of clove hitch. clove hitch n. "Well, I can see a bowline on the top and there's a clove hitch over on the side, but I'm surprised you're giving up a good piece of Dacron braid." Life skills: why a lifetime of skills. Reply
  4. Kegrel
    Jun 13,  · Now before we go any further, I just need to clarify that this is not a universal condemnation of the clove hitch. I love the clove hitch. I use it all the time. But it is not an endline knot. The clove hitch is a midline knot, and when utilized properly, there is none finer. The clove is meant to have pull from both ends, preferably equal pull. Reply
  5. Tojanos
    Mar 19,  · So if all my muscles are sore and I can't account for it, that counts as pain. I've often had to talk with people about the difference between good and bad pain always my own mishaps). Also, when I studied kendo, that ripped the hell out of my palms and feet. Also not muscle fatigue, but like muscle fatigue it was my skin getting torn. Reply
  6. Mojora
    Apr 01,  · See the following photos—all close clove hitch relatives. Clove Hitch / Rolling Hitch / Constrictor / Spar Hitch. The clove hitch is one of the most-frequently-used knots Scouts learn, so common, yet it can also be very elusive, especially when it comes to completing certain lashings. In the knot-tying universe, the clove hitch is a whole lot. Reply
  7. JoJojin
    Nov 08,  · Easier way to tie the Bull Hitch Knot, TIB. The idea is to begin with the Clove Hitch, then make two bights on the standing ends and then put the bights through the clove hitch. This hitch is. Reply
  8. Moogujinn
    Alternatives: In addition to tying it Using Half Hitches, the Clove Hitch can also be tied by Threading the End and by Using Stacked Loops Caution: The Clove Hitch (ABOK # , p ) was, originally, included here with the intention of condemning it. It does have two giant faults: it slips and, paradoxically, can also bind. It should be deeply distrusted when used by itself. Reply

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